“Lyn accepted the task of working with us with the utmost kindness, patience and professionalism and found us a beautiful home. She worked hard on a conditional deal which produced a quick and easy purchase and sale.”

Jeff Taylor and Cheryl Moulton, 39 Widdifield Avenue, Newmarket, Ontario

” My wife and I were fortunate in finding Lyn Lerikos when we decided to sell our home after 25 years. Lyn was extremely helpful in a very stressful situation. She was kind, considerate and very approachable when we had the inevitable questions and problems to solve.”

Paul Anderton and Helen Anderton, 35 Royal Road, Aurora, Ontario

” After several transactions on our behalf, it continues to be a pleasure to deal with a dedicated professional. All the best to you and your family! Monty Richardson and Christine Richardson, 15 Karindon Court, Aurora, Ontario

“Congratulations on your induction into the Re/Max Hall of Fame! This is a tremendous career achievement for you and one of which you should be most proud. We realize the overwhelming effort you have expended in order to reach this goal and it is our pleasure to be among the first to congratulate you. Providing consistent customer service is an integral part in earning this prestigious award and it is obvious that the quality of your service is unsurpassed. It is truly a pleasure and an honour to be affiliated with you within the Re/Max organization.”

Dave Liniger, Chairman of the Board, Re/Max International Inc., Colorado, U.S.A.
Daryl Jesperson, President, Re/Max International Inc., Colorado, U.S.A.
Frank Polzler, Chairman of the Board, Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc., Toronto
Walter Schneider, President, Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc., Toronto, Canada
” Lyn is someone you can call upon in any situation and she is there for you. Her professionalism, consideration, patience and sincerity are always evident while executing the maximum results for her clients. She is definitely a team player! We are so privileged and honoured to have made her acquaintance.”

Gregory Hamid and Anita Hamid, 5 Karindon Court, Aurora, Ontario

” Lyn was instrumental in helping us to find the very house we were looking for and in negotiating the best purchase price. She walked us through the whole process with the highest degree of professionalism, provided guidance, advice, and uncovered various pitfalls of the first-time home buyer. With her pleasant personality, reliability and dedication to help and serve customers, Mrs. Lerikos is an excellent representative of the real estate business!”

Rodney Darmaga and Agnes Polak, 728 Shanahan Blvd., Newmarket, Ontario

” I would like to compliment you on the professionalism that you demonstrated in the sale of our house. We were in the home for less than two years and your knowledge and efforts were clearly a major contributor to us realizing an $80,000 gain on the sale. Your extensive research provided us with the ability to position our home competitively in the market and negotiate from a position of strength. The time you took to educate us on competitive properties went far beyond what other agents provide. I have bought and sold 4 homes and in each instance interviewed not less than 5 agents to handle our property. You, however, exceeded our expectations and consistently went the extra distance on our behalf. This paid large dividends in marketing and negotiations — you are definitely among the best in your profession! I would also like to share my appreciation for your dedication during the sales process and negotiations. We particularly appreciated the late night that you put in to close our sale. Negotiations went well past 1:00 a.m after an evening showing, and you had clean contracts for final signatures at 8:00 a.m. the next morning to accommodate our travel schedule. Your commitment allowed us to depart with a firm contract and prevented the associated anxiety of additional days of faxing contracts back and forth. Thanks for making the experience pleasant for my entire family.”

Dr. David C. Zenger, General Manager, Husky Injection Molding Systems Inc.
288 North Road, Milton, Vermont, U.S.A.

“Attached is a copy of a letter received from Mr. Christopher Letarte who was highly complimentary of your work with regards to the sale of his property. Congratulations on a job well done! Your customer service was excellent. We are very proud of you. Best wishes for more success!”

Frank Polzler, Chairman, Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc.
Walter Schneider, President, Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc.

“I have recently had the pleasure of seeing one of your sales representatives in action and I feel compelled to tell you how very impressed I was. Lyn Lerikos was beyond exceptional. She had prepared area statistics, market analysis, recent trends, and some area history and spent a good 4 hours educating me on the aspects of the sale. This lady does her homework and is, to say the least, PROFESSIONAL in every way. With Lyn’s know-how of the market and her sense of timing, it took her only 6 unbelievable days of excitement to sell my house for over 100% of my asking price. UNBELIEVABLE!”

Chris Letarte, 462 Sanford Street, Newmarket, Ontario.

“We would like to underline Lyn’s professionalism which played a key role in the profitable transaction we concluded recently. Her advice was greatly appreciated, especially due to the fact that we were moving from another province. She would make the needed inquiries in order to ALWAYS supply us with accurate and complete information. Her efficiency was doubly welcomed, considering that we had little time to spare. Furthermore, her facility to communicate in both official languages was a definite plus because of the difference in the legislation between provinces. In conclusion, please be advised of our complete satisfaction with the house, the area and with the excellent and efficient services Mrs. Lerikos provided us with.”

Louise Côté and Pierre Barrette, 35 Cranberry Lane, Aurora, Ontario.

” We needed a sales representative who understood our goals and was willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve them. Lyn’s experience and enthusiasm were a perfect combination. She knows her stuff! Her honesty and diligent work ethic helped us to purchase our home without any problems. It’s scary entering the housing market, but she helped us through it. Everyone should be lucky enough to have such a great experience!”

Andrea Kelly, 40 Harding Blvd., Richmond Hill, Ontario.

” Lyn has now completed her fourth real estate transaction on our behalf! Lyn did a thorough market analysis and was pro-active in her marketing of our home. She reported to us in a timely manner and we felt we were extremely well represented at the negotiating table. We would be very proud to have Lyn represent us again and would highly recommend her to others.”

Bob and Pat Plewman, 77 Hodgkinson Crescent, Aurora.

” We are confident that you could not find anyone more capable of helping you than Lyn. We were immediately struck by her sense of understanding for our needs, and her willingness to do whatever it took to make sure we were happy. She has a deep appreciation of what her clients want and her knowledge of her business was outstanding. Lyn’s advice was right EVERY time! Her commitment to customer satisfaction means she follows through on her advice and gets results. Of all the decisions we made with respect to our move, we think putting our trust in Lyn was one of the most important ones. We highly recommend her to anyone who needs the assistance of an excellent, trustworthy and hard working real estate agent.”

Bill and Ellen Bell, 27 Corner Ridge Road, Aurora, Ontario.

” Thank you for making the sale of our home as painless as possible. Selling a house can be very stressful on a family and we appreciate how you took this into consideration and made everything run as smoothly as possible. We appreciate your expertise and the kindness you showed toward us.”

Enez and Paulette Karabegovic, 29 McClenny Drive, Aurora, Ontario.

“We chose Lyn because of her professional and straight forward manner. Her unpressuring style and insightful evaluation of properties made viewing them both informative and pleasurable. Lyns strongest attributes became apparent when it came time to prepare the offer and negotiate the price. Her attention to detail and strong knowledge of the legal procedures ensured that we had suitable clauses in place to protect our interests. Lyn’s years of experience and negotiating savvy also served us well when it came time to closing the deal to our greatest advantage. Her professional management of our affairs has ensured that she will represent us in any future real estate transactions!”

Adrian and Bev Hessels, 366 Otton Road, Newmarket, Ontario.

” Lyn is honest, reliable and hard working. Her unpressured selling tactics and outgoing personality made finding our perfect home enjoyable.”

Dr. Robert Smyth & Mrs. Donna Smyth, 2 Hodgkinson Crescent, Aurora, Ontario.

“You exhibited an ultimate amount of sensitivity and patience in helping us acquire our dream home. Your advice was always honest and extremely accurate. Your knowledge and awareness of both the buying and selling of our homes was second to none We would not be overstating the situation if we said that we could not have done it without you.”

Barry & Sharon Palansky, 75 Cutting Crescent, Kettleby, Ontario.

” Lyn never pressured us in any way. It was obvious to us that she is very diligent when it comes to the crunch. She used her abilities and her knowledge of the Aurora market to help us present a competitive and successful offer. She was also very helpful with the many details of closing a real estate deal. She has made our family very happy and we regard her both as a professional and a friend.”

Gary and Ellen Davidson, 27 Knole Haven Drive, Aurora.

“Due to Lyn’s hard work, high level of professionalism, and knowledge of the marketplace, we were able to obtain a most satisfactory price for our property in a difficult market. As well, we obtained a closing date which was particularly suited to our needs.”

Bruce and Valerie Dow, 997 Creebridge Crescent, Newmarket, Ontario.

“We believe that she is one of the best agents in town. She knows the market and the industry, and her predictions have had an uncanny way of materializing for us. We highly recommend her as your agent, whether buying or selling, big or small.”

Andrew & Donna Lee Donlan, Kemano Road, Aurora, Ontario.

“Lyn sold our home in six days, so we think she is wonderful! I personally feel Lyn went out of her way with the purchase of our new home.”

Linda Atkinson, 201 Lloyd Avenue, Newmarket, Ontario.

” I was more than happy with the service Lyn provided and would recommend her to anyone who would need to sell or purchase a home.”

Peter J. Chung, 112 Willow Farm Lane, Aurora, Ontario.

“You should take pride in your accomplishments, and we hope you recognize that as an Award Winner with RE/MAX, you are among the best of the best. Your performance is a credit to you personally and to the entire RE/MAX organization as well.”

R.B. Fisher, President, Re/Max International Inc.,
Englewood, Colorado.

” Super results! RE/MAX is a better quality company because of your efforts! Thank you.”

Walter Schneider, President, Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc.,
Mississauga, Ontario.